Meditation for Beginners – Wednesdays
09 února, 2014

If you are interested in finding out more about the calm abiding meditation (shin’nay, samatha), the basic practice of Bodhi Path centers, you can come any Wednesday at 7:30 pm to our Prague center.

This meditation can be used as means for calming the mind and development of concentration. Regular meditation can help you to be more awake, well-ballanced and to get insight into your daily troubles and dkstance from your negative emotions. meditace

Calm abiding meditation doesn’t require any special abilities, just patience, awareness and will. We use our own breath to focus on, which is entirely natural, dynamic but also regularly repeating process, similarly to many other buddhist schools or for example martial arts or yoga. 

Wednesday meditation is intended both for buddhists (or buddhist beginners) and for those who just wish to practice something meaningful without any interest in the religious aspects of the buddhism.