The Bodhi Path center in Prague was established based on a wish of Shamar Rinpoche in September 2008 as a center where Mahamudra curriculum can be studied and practiced. The center organizes regular public meditations, lectures and courses, prepares translations of important texts, recordings and transcriptions and other. 

Operation of the center is however a very costly matter. Besides of financing the visits of lamas and costs of the organisation it is the rent of the room, payments for electricity and water etc. that need to be payed monthly. These costs are partially paid from the contributions fot the courses. But we try to keep the prices of the courses as low as possible to be accessible for anyone, therefore it cannot cover all the costs of the center. 

This is the reason why there is a need for generosity of those that would like to support the authentic dharma activity under the guidance of Shamar Rinpoche. Only this way we can ensure that this place will be able to provide conditions for the teachings from Buddha Shakyamuni himself also in the future. If you would like to support this activity and also the Bodhi Path center: 

Any help in the center is welcome – help with the organization, promotion and of course also any financial contribution that will make possible to rent and maintenan the center, organize visits of the teachers and therefore allow the access to Dharma teachings. 

Our international bank account number: 

BODHI PATH Česká republika
IBAN: CZ2220100000002900200947

Fio banka, a.s.

It is also possible to contribute throught PayPal (no registration needed):

Any contribution represents a valued support, thank you!